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Whether you’re shopping for health insurance for the first time or just looking around, Pennie can help you find the right plan for your healthcare needs.  

When you have questions, we have answers. Let’s work together to get you the right coverage. 

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Pennie Phone Support

If you would like to speak with one of Pennie’s friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives you can call the Pennie Contact Center at 1-844-844-8040

If you are a Pennie certified Broker or Assister and you need assistance you can call the Pennie Contact Center at 1-844-844-4440

TTY Support:

Deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired consumers will be prompted to dial the 711 Telecommunications Relay Service to be connected to an interpreter who will then connect the consumer with a CSR in the Pennie Contact Center.  

Pennie Hours of Operation:

*Pennie’s Open Enrollment launch falls on Sunday, November 1, 2020 w/ hours of operation:  8:00 am – 7:00 pm EST

Pennie Contact Center Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday
During OEP* 8:00am-7:00pm EST 8:00am-1:00pm EST Closed
Outside of OEP* 8:00am-6:00pm EST Closed Closed

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Frequently asked questions

What is Pennie?

Pennie is Pennsylvania’s official destination for shopping for quality health insurance plans and accessing financial assistance, if eligible.  Think of it this way:  If health and dental insurance are the groceries, Pennie is the grocery store. 

What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment is Nov 1st, 2020, to January 15, 2021. During this time period, anyone living legally in Pennsylvania can apply for health insurance through Pennie. Individuals with qualifying life events can enroll at any time of the year.

What if I used to get my health insurance through

For plan year 2021, Pennsylvania is transitioning from to its own state-based health insurance marketplace called Pennie. Pennie is the official destination for shopping and purchasing quality health insurance plans and the only place to access financial assistance, if eligible.  Pennie will be live at the beginning of the 2021 Open Enrollment Period which runs from November 1, 2020 through January 15, 2021.

Where can I learn more about financial assistance and if I qualify?

Based on your income, you may qualify for financial assistance that will lower your monthly premium or your out of pocket expenses. See our page on financial assistance.


What if I need to modify my coverage for 2020?

If you purchased health insurance from and need to make a change between now and December 31, 2020, please visit  If you want to purchase coverage that will begin on January 1, 2021, you can enroll in coverage through Pennie starting on November 1, 2020.


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