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Missed Open Enrollment?

Path to Pennie™

If you need health coverage and you missed the Open Enrollment Period, Path to Pennie is your chance to get enrolled during the tax season. While filing your Pennsylvania tax return, complete Tax Form REV-1882this takes only 5 minutes! Pennie will then send you information about the financial savings you could receive to lower the cost of health coverage and an access code to sign into your new account and sign up for coverage!  

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Make sure your health and wallet are protected this year in case of illness or injury. 


How it works

Path to Pennie all starts when you’re filing your Pennsylvania tax returnYou’ll see a short tax form called REV-1882 with questions about who in your household needs coverage and whether you are interested in information from PennieFill out REV-1882 and the PA Department of Revenue will send your information to Pennie to create an account on your behalf.  Pennie will then mail you a letter with three important pieces of information –your access code to open your account, an estimate of financial savings to lower your costs for coverage, AND the dates for your 60-day window to apply, shop, and enroll in coverage. 

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Use your access code to log in

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Complete the application

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Pick a plan within 60 days of receiving your letter

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Pay your first month’s premium*

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You’re covered!

Payment needs to be made before the policy effective date

Frequently asked questions

What is Path to Pennie?

Path to Pennie connects uninsured Pennsylvanians with health coverage offered through Pennie, PA’s official health insurance marketplace.  If you missed open enrollment and need health coverage, fill out Tax Form REV-1882, ‘Health Insurance Coverage Information Request.’ on your Pennsylvania state income tax return. Then, Pennie will mail you a letter on next steps so you can get the lowest costs on high quality health coverage through Pennie.

Why can’t I just apply to Pennie directly instead of filling out the tax form first?

Typically, you can only enroll through coverage during the Open Enrollment period, which is between November 1 and January 15 of each year. Outside of that time period, you can only enroll for specific reasons, such as having a qualifying event (including losing other coverage, moving, or having a baby) or having a certain income.  The Path to Pennie is another time-limited chance to enroll, but only if you fill out the REV-1882 with your taxes. Otherwise, the next chance to enroll is November 1.  

I filled out REV-1882 but I did not receive a letter from Pennie yet. Can I apply without the unique access code?

Yes, you can apply for coverage through Pennie even if you haven’t yet received your unique access code. Just call the Pennie contact center and attest to having submitted REV-1882 on your PA tax return, and you will have access to the Tax Filer Special Enrollment Period to enroll in coverage!  

Who is eligible for Path to Pennie?

If you, your spouse, and/or any dependents do not have health coverage, the Path to Pennie is a great way to get the lowest costs on high-quality health coverage through Pennie Note: Filling out Form REV-1882 is not the same as applying for health coverage. The information on the form allows Pennie to mail you a letter with next steps to enroll in health coverage. You will find out your final eligibility for Pennie coverage and financial savings after you submit a Pennie application.  

Will Pennie share my information with third parties?

No. Pennie will not share your information with non-Pennie-affiliated third parties. Pennie will only share the tax filer’s information with the PA Department of Human Services if you appear eligible for coverage through Medical Assistance or CHIP, but this is only after you submit a Pennie application and agree to have Pennie share your information. 

I am a tax professional, how does Path to Pennie work for me?

Path to Pennie was created to easily connect uninsured tax filers with health insurance offered through Pennie. When someone files their Pennsylvania tax return, they must complete a form called REV-1882, in order to have a window to enroll in health coverage through Pennie.  

As a tax professional, you should ask clients if they have health coverage and help them complete the form if they do not. Having health coverage is an important way for Pennsylvanians to protect their health and their savings in the case of an unexpected medical issue.  Click here to watch a Path to Pennie webinar and learn how tax professionals can help uninsured clients this tax season.

How long do I have to apply for coverage through Pennie?

Sixty (60) days from the printed date on the letter you receive from Pennie in the mail. 

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