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Path to Pennie

If you recently filed your Pennsylvania tax return, you may have completed a form called REV-1882, electing to receive information about enrolling in health and dental coverage available through Pennie, as well as financial assistance to help lower the costs.  Starting in April, Pennie will be sending you information about your new Pennie account.

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About the Path to Pennie

The Path to Pennie program was created to easily connect uninsured tax filers with medical & dental insurance offered through Pennie,  as well as financial assistance to help reduce the cost of health coverage and care.

As uninsured tax filers complete their Pennsylvania state income tax return, they will have a chance to elect to receive more information about enrolling in health coverage available through Pennie (Form REV-1882)

How it works

The PA Department of Revenue will send the information you provided on the form to Pennie to create an account on your behalf.  Starting at the end of March, Pennie will then send you a notice with three important pieces of information – an access code to open your newly created Pennie account and an estimate of financial aid you’re likely to receive, AND a 60-day Special Enrollment Period to apply, shop, and enroll in coverage.

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Use the provided access code to log-in

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Complete the application

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Pick a plan within 60 days of receiving your notice

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Pay your first month’s premium*

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You’re covered!

Payment needs to be made before the policy effective date

Frequently asked questions

What is the Path to Pennie program?

Path to Pennie is a new program this tax season created to connect uninsured Pennsylvanians with health coverage offered through Pennie™, Pennsylvania’s health insurance marketplace.  As uninsured tax filers complete their Pennsylvania state income tax return, they will have a chance to indicate whether they would like to receive more information about enrolling in health coverage available through Pennie.  Interested tax filers will complete Tax Form REV-1882, Health Insurance Coverage Information Request. 

What is Pennie?

Pennie is Pennsylvania’s official health insurance marketplace where individuals and families can apply for, shop, and enroll in health coverage that best fits their needs.  Pennie is also the only link to financial assistance that reduces the cost of their monthly premium payment and/or out-of-pocket costs.  With Pennie’s “no wrong-door” policy, Pennsylvanians will be automatically connected, if they qualify, to coverage through Medical Assistance (MA, also called Medicaid) and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Who should fill out the REV-1882 form when doing their taxes?

All medically uninsured Pennsylvanians who are interested in learning more about their health coverage options should fill out Form REV-1882. The tax filer should fill out the form for themselves, their spouse, and/or any dependents who do not have health insurance coverage. Filling out the form is not the same as applying for health coverage: It will only be used for Pennie to send the tax filer a postal mail Notice with information on the steps one can take to apply for, shop, and enroll in health insurance coverage. 

What happens when a tax filer “checks the box”?

A free online Pennie account will be created on behalf of the tax filer.  They will also then receive a postal mail Notice from Pennie. The Notice will let the receiver know if they appear eligible to enroll in Pennie and will include a unique access code for them to claim their Pennie online account. The tax filer will also see the estimated dollar amount of financial assistance they appear eligible to receive from Pennie thanks to the information shared by the Department of Revenue. There will be a section in the Notice with information on how to enroll in coverage through pennie.com or by phone.  

Will Pennie share a tax filer’s information with third parties?

No. Pennie will not share the tax filer’s information with non-Pennie-affiliated third parties. Pennie will only share the tax filer’s information with the PA Department of Human Services if they appear eligible for coverage through Medical Assistance or CHIP upon submission of their Pennie application. 

How long do tax filers have to apply for coverage through Pennie?

Tax filers have sixty (60) days from the printed date on the notice they receive from Pennie to enroll in coverage. 

A tax filer has health insurance coverage through their employer but wants to enroll in Pennie. Can they do so?

Pennie is not an alternative to employer-sponsored health insurance coverage while an individual is employed and has that coverage. If a tax filer has an offer of affordable health insurance coverage that meets minimum value standards through their employer, they are not eligible to enroll in a Pennie plan with financial assistance However, if a tax filer loses their employer-sponsored health coverage, they would then be eligible to enroll in coverage through Pennie by selecting the Loss of Minimum Essential Coverage’ qualifying life event on their Pennie application  

How long will a tax filer wait before they receive information from Pennie?

Tax filers who submit their Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax Return (Form PA-40) prior to March 31, 2022 should expect to receive a notice from Pennie in April 2022. Many tax filers submitting their Personal Income Tax Return after April 1, 2022 will receive a notice within two weeks after the date they filed if they provide their email address and consent to Pennie conducting outreach in this manner, as they will receive an electronic notice. Those who do not provide their email address, will receive a postal mail notice, for which the timing is more variable and could take longer to receive. 

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed?  We’ve been there too – so we set up multiple ways of getting some help or guidance.

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Call Customer Service

Pennie’s friendly and experienced Customer Service Representatives are ready to help you with your application or account questions.

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Find A Pennie Broker

Brokers offer guidance and advice.  Only a broker can make recommendations about which plan you should buy.

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Find A Pennie Assister

Assisters can help you understand what options are available to you and your family.  Request a free in-person or virtual meeting

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Explore our FAQ Library

Check out our FAQ library.  If you have a question, we may have the answer ready.  You can also send us a message.

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