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What is Pennie?

Pennie is Pennsylvania’s official destination for shopping for quality health insurance plans and accessing financial assistance, if eligible.

What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment is November 1, 2020, to January 15, 2021. During this time period, anyone living legally in Pennsylvania can apply for health insurance through Pennie. Individuals with qualifying life events can enroll at any time of the year.

Who can help me enroll?

We have several options to assist you in enrolling in a health insurance plan. If completing the enrollment process by yourself, our Pennie Customer Service team is ready to help at any point. If you would like further assistance, you can choose between a Pennie Assister or a Pennie-certified Broker.

Where can I learn more about financial assistance and if I qualify?

Based on your income, you may qualify for financial assistance that will lower your monthly premium or your out of pocket expenses. See our page on financial assistance or reach out to someone though our comprehensive help center.

How do I set up or access my account?

If you previously had an account with, you already have an account with Pennie!  If you need help accessing your account click here.  For more information on creating an account click here.

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