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If you are currently enrolled through Pennie, you may have received communications from us about your accounts being updated to reflect your new financial assistance and your new premium as a result of the American Rescue Plan!  

Please read below for some common questions regarding these account changes! If you have further questions, please check out our FAQs at 

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Regarding Premium Refunds:

If you qualify, your updated savings have been retroactively applied based on when you enrolled in Pennie coverage (for many that means 1/1/2021!) Your insurer will not be issuing refunds for premiums that you have already paid; instead we have applied these savings to help lower your monthly premiums through the end of the year! Any remaining savings not provided through rebalancing may be returned to you in the form of a tax credit when you file your 2021 taxes.
Click here to learn more! Note: your 2022 premium may look different since this benefit runs through 12/31/2021. 

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Reporting Savings:

You do not need to report the savings to your insurer. We have transferred your updated premiums and advanced premium tax credit information on your behalf! No need to lift a finger!  

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Savings Deadline:

You should expect the premium savings to continue through 2022 as part of the American Rescue Plan Your 2022 premium may look different since the additional funds from rebalancing mentioned in #1 above will run through 12/31/2021. Please be sure to update your information anytime you have a change in income or to your household.  

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Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) for 2020:

Under the American Rescue Plan, you will not need to payback any excess advance premium tax credits (APTC) you may have received in 2020. applies to all individuals who collected APTC during 2020, not just those who received unemployment insurance  

If you had health coverage and received APTC through in 2020, you should have already received a 1095-A form from with instructions on how to submit this form with your 2020 tax filing. For more information on your 1095-A, please visit Pennie does not have access to 1095-A forms for coverage purchased through during plan year 2020. To learn more about the process for filing and reconciling any APTC you received last year, and how it relates to the American Rescue Plan, you can access the following resource from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Premium Tax Credit: Claiming the Credit and Reconciling Advance Credit Payments. 

We understand this may be confusing, but we promise to work with you every step of the way and for most customers, this means exciting savings on your health coverage.